Support This Newly Opened Local Restaurant – Renata’s Kitchen

Opening a restaurant is a challenge. Opening a restaurant in the middle of a global pandemic is an entirely different obstacle. But that’s just what dozens of new local eateries near your Royal Athena apartment have done this year, defying the odds and getting creative when it comes to showcasing their culinary skill while keeping their patrons safe. We’ve all been stuck at home for quite some time so, now that things are starting to get a bit back to normal, this is the perfect time to get out and about and see how the local restaurant scene has changed.

A great place to do that is at Renata’s Kitchen, about 20 minutes from your Royal Athena apartment. The restaurant and bar has been a longtime staple of the West Philly culinary scene and just around the start of the pandemic moved into its new digs in the former Trolley Car Station Diner, allowing for nearly six times the space—and lots of new creativity to flourish on the menu. With indoor and outdoor dining, takeout and delivery, you can support Renata’s new venture however you feel comfortable.

Renata’s serves up an expansive brunch menu, which it offers daily. From omelets and quiche to sandwiches and salads, no matter what you’re in the mood for, you can likely find it on the menu. Many of Renata’s dishes are inspired by Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine—like the eggs smothered in homemade Moroccan salsa, the falafel wrap and handmade hummus and chips. There are plenty of sweet treats to finish off your meal, also with international influences, like the baklava.

With all of the new space, Renata’s is looking to keep expanding and has plans to soon offer dinner options, as well as a full bar.

If you’ve gotten weary of ordering pizza or hitting up the same local spots, check out Renata’s Kitchen for a new way to support local businesses.

Renata’s Kitchen

3940 Baltimore Ave.

Philadelphia, PA 19104