Be a Tourist Right Here in Philly

We all know Philadelphia is an awesome place to live and work. And now, even more out-of-towners may be flocking to check out our city, as National Geographic recently named Philadelphia to its prestigious Best Trips for 2020 list—and we’re the only U.S. city that made it! The magazine’s write-up touted a visit to our city as a way to “rediscover an American classic,” and while tourists are welcomed to do just that, local residents should also get in touch with Philadelphia’s storied history—and there are plenty of ways to do so right near your Royal Athena apartment!

One of the best ways to walk back in time is through the historic houses of nearby Fairmount Park. The series of mansions tell the story of the places and people who helped build Philadelphia from the ground up, and the momentous events that shaped its past. Just two miles from your Royal Athena apartment is Belmont Mansion. Built in 1745, the home has witnessed some of the nation’s most formative milestones: During the American Revolution, some of the country’s founding fathers—including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams—all stayed at the house.

Today, the mansion is home to the Underground Railroad Museum, which showcases the house’s history as a refuge for escaped slaves. Original owner Richard Peters purchased slaves in order to free them and, over the years, his house became a central point along the Underground Railroad that helped slaves escape to freedom. Visitors can explore the attic and other places in the house where those pursuing freedom hid out, and also learn about Cornelia Wells, a freed slave who lived at the home. See firsthand the artifacts from that time period, including handmade quilts that served as a secret code for slaves and those helping them to freedom.

With all of the history that Philadelphia is home to, even longtime residents can find something to learn about the City of Brotherly Love!

Belmont Mansion

2000 Belmont Mansion Drive

Philadelphia, PA 19131