Looking for a Unique Volunteering Opportunity?

Giving back to the community is likely on many of our bucket lists—but finding the right project to support can be a challenge, as can finding the time to invest in volunteering. Luckily, there’s one opportunity that is adorably exciting—and couldn’t be any closer to your Royal Athena apartment.

If you’re an animal lover, consider giving back through a weekly “goat walk.” The event is just as it sounds—volunteers band together to take goats on a nature walk, helping them to get some exercise and socialization time with other animals and humans. The walks take place on Wednesday nights at West Laurel Hill Cemetery, just one block from your Royal Athena apartment.

The event is staged in partnership with Philly Goat Project, which provides a range of community-focused services. The initiative’s animals are trained in therapy and assist locals with special needs, serving as an important source of support for those recovering from trauma or for individuals with daily physical challenges. The animals participate in goat yoga programs held around the city, which pair participants with an animal as a form of relaxation. The project also seeks to teach city residents about agricultural experiences, inviting Philly folks to its nearby farm-like setting to see the goats in their natural element and learn about farming, eco-friendly practices and much more.

With all the animals provide to the community, the goat walks are a way for locals to give back to them—and the setting couldn’t be prettier (or closer)! The cemetery is just a quick walk from your Royal Athena apartment, making volunteering a breeze. And since no RSVP is needed, all you have to do is check the calendar to make sure the walk will be held (weather can affect the event) and show up ready to help! Volunteers are paired with the animals and, using a leash, lead them through the historic, beautiful cemetery.

So if you’re looking for a fun and philanthropic venture, add a goat walk to your calendar!


West Laurel Hill Cemetery

225 Belmont Ave.

Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004